Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange (& a non-update)

Since I’m now putting some effort into this blog, I decided to join the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange hosted by The Printable Pony. Fun fact: Tracy and I ride at the same farm! I actually took some lessons on her former horse Miles before she purchased him, while I was getting back into riding. I’m getting ready to send some goodies to my exchange recipient, but today I received mine! It came from the lovely ladies at Paperchases & Petticoats.


I got a sweet assortment of useful things! A stirrup keychain, boot socks, a cactus cloth – something I have seen but never used, so I’m excited to try it out. And best of all a gorgeous Haas brush, seriously, look at this thing:

even my cat Fran is impressed

The Mustang brush is very stiff, so It’ll be great for getting caked mud off of Juice in between freezes, and especially once spring starts to arrive. I don’t tend to invest a ton in most items for my grooming bag – a lot of times I stick with cheaper old faithful items I used when I was a teen – so this is exciting for me! Thank you so much!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, riding-related stuff is anything but exciting right now. I am battling a combination of winter blues and an inability to deal with the cold. I work at an accounting firm so it is also very busy at year end. But it’s funny, because last week I did one ride and one turnout-and-chase-around-with-a-lunge-whip. My wonderful part-leaser also picked up a ride despite the temps. Then I spent all of Sunday napping and lazing around while working up the energy to meet up with a friend for a VERY cold trail ride. We could’ve ridden inside or just farted around bareback but we both came dressed for the cold, so we took a sip of Tack Trunk Bourbon (yes that is a thing, for me anyway), dressed the ponies in their quarter sheets, and sucked it up. Juice and Dutch did not find it amusing as we marched through some open areas and the wind occasionally kicked up, I think it was hovering around 28 degrees. Otherwise, it was rather pleasant and a good way to try to kick myself out of my funk. Plus the bit of snow that had stuck around from the day before was pretty. Unfortunately, there’s no photographic evidence as I was not interested in taking my winter gloves off at any point!

I can’t be the only one who suffers from this lack of motivation right now. How do people who have jobs that keep you inside during daylight and other responsibilities this time of year get past it? I would love to know, because it’s a struggle for me every year.


3 thoughts on “Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange (& a non-update)

  1. L. Williams December 12, 2017 / 5:16 am

    Oh cool that you ride at the same barn as Tracy!


  2. Lindsay Porter December 26, 2017 / 11:05 pm

    You’re welcome for the presents, Cathryn; I’m so glad you like them! Merry Christmas to you and Juice ❤


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