So it Begins

Wow, so, the last month pretty much flew by. Turns out a long weekend for LRK3DE and then a honeymoon across the pond keeps a person pretty busy.

Really enjoyed Lexington as always. Our Airbnb with my parents and friends was perfect, weather cooperated for the tailgate and everyone seemed to have a great time.

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In mid-May my husband and I went to the UK for a week and a half. Not much horsey detail to be had there, except we went on a hack around Hyde Park in London. Craig has been on a horse all of two times so one of the employees ponied him, but he had so much fun, and even trotted a little!

clifton and justin, both very good boys

The barn that took us out paired me with a girl who used to work for them, and she and I were able to separate from my husband and his guide and do some cantering around. It was a beautiful day. I highly recommend Ross Nye if you ever find yourself in London and want to experience riding in the city.

Since we got home, I’ve been getting my butt (and Juice’s) in gear through one of the grossest hot and humid stretches. Every day all I can think is, “this is exactly why I never rode when I lived in Texas”. Thankfully it looks like tomorrow the heat will let up some, just in time for our first event of the year!

It’s a schooling CT, and I bit the bullet and moved up to Novice. It’s the same series I took champion for BN last year and while that division will continue to be big and competitive, I’ve got to keep us learning and growing. Normally tomorrow would be a mini trial, but the farm hasn’t done their first cutting of hay yet and they don’t want people galloping through the fields. Fair enough, and fine with me as we are definitely not in shape for Novice level XC at this point, schooling level or otherwise. Schooling 2’9-3′ the other day felt a lot bigger than it did last fall, but I’m sure we’ll be totally comfortable soon.

Hopefully things go well tomorrow and I’ll have lots of good stuff to report!


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