Well, I guess this needs an introduction. Here’s my blog about venturing back into the world of horse ownership after many years off – hence the “reboot”.

The pony: Beetlejuice, a 14.1hh stocky little bulldozer of unknown breed. Likes: jumping things, treats, unintentionally escaping his turnout field. Dislikes: 99% of other horses, having his ears clipped, anyone else in the barn getting attention.

Photo by Winslow Photography

I grew up riding hunters on an awesome little Welsh pony named Dooney. When my legs started to hit the jumps when we sailed over them bareback, we found him a new home and purchased a 5 year old OTTB named Casper. He had a bit of an attitude and a warmblood build, as well as a penchant for quarter cracks in one of his front hooves. I rode mainly hunters on him and dabbled in jumpers a bit, which I found I preferred, but he needed a non-jumping home and I began to lose interest as high school ended.

I rode friends’ horses off and on in my early twenties, then got away from it for a long time. At 32, I moved to Columbus, Ohio and discovered there were a lot of H/J barns near my new home and so I started riding again. First taking lessons once a week, then twice a week. I surprised myself by remembering what I was supposed to do (usually), and I still loved it. I half-leased a couple of horses at the first barn I was at, but I felt like I needed a different environment. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be back in the hunter world. At the end of 2013, I began a half lease on a silly Morgan named Nick at a different barn, where I did jumpers and even a little horse show. Nick’s owner and I became good friends, and we moved him to an eventing barn, where I realized THAT was what I wanted to do. At 35. Welp. I learned some basics on Nick and took advantage of the awesome facility he lived it. A year later, I found myself horse shopping.

I looked at lots of OTTB’s, thinking that was a good way to get a decent horse on a budget. The more I looked, the more I realized I don’t have the time or money or, honestly, the patience to bring along another green horse. A friend had a hilarious large pony she rescued and put into training for several months, and I tried him twice but just wasn’t sure. But he fit all of my requirements – not TOO green, no injuries, sane/willing to go on hacks alone, low maintenance and budget-friendly. She dropped his price and I decided I needed to just buy him – with encouragement from my family and friends. In January of 2015 he became mine. I am beyond happy I got him – he’s been a blast to ride.


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